Working with an Architect is a responsible decision when you are looking to design a new home, renovate an existing home, or add on to an existing residence. An architect will deliver the necessary items that are required to ensure that you project is on target and remains within your budget.

An architect is your guide throughout the construction process. By ensuring that the plans that were designed for your specific renovation, or home addition re being followed and benchmarks are reached on time. New contrition requires that an architect take all facets of the property into account prior to putting any lines on paper.

With interest rates as low as they currently are, now is the time to renovate and or build. Low interest loans provide you with an opportunity to expand your current home, rather than taking on the expense of a new one.

Design & Design Development:

  1. Field measure and photograph your existing home.
  2. Prepare existing “as-built” plans and elevations of area of work.
  3. Review town ordinances to determine any governing regulations.
  4. Prepare and present preliminary floor plans for your review and approval.
  5. Plans and elevations shall be revised based on our discussions.

Construction Documents:

  1. Prepare dimensioned floor plan showing the affected area.
  2. Preparation of dimensioned exterior elevations as needed.
  3. Prepare and include applicable sections, details, and specifications for the work.
  4. Preparation of typical electrical schematic switch and receptacle floor plans.
  5. Inclusion of basic HVAC, electrical, and plumbing specifications and riser diagram.
  6. Preparation of applicable building and wall sections and details of the work.
  7. Inclusion of standard typical specification sheets.
  8. Provide four sets of signed and sealed construction documents.

The following services can be provided on an hourly or fixed fee basis for your project.

  1. Municipal board submissions, testimony, for variances, or other regulatory body.
  2. Contractor bidding, field supervision, and inspections of the work.
  3. Detailed information, specifications, and schematic diagrams beyond noted above.
  4. Energy, wind, and seismic design, analysis, computations, submittals, computer simulations, and checks.

Applications and fees are costs borne by the client.  Structural building analysis and design beyond conventional lumber and other design work are services beyond what is included within our architectural services.

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