We design in right!

We have a proud history of successful project completion of all building uses and most types  The firm’s focus presently is in the residential and commercial areas.

As part of our services we document existing conditions of your building for new addition or alteration of existing conditions, develop an improvement program, prepare preliminary designs, and construction documents for bidding and construction, and observe contractors performance during construction.  At appropriate time we determine degree of completion for contractor or subcontractor and vendor payment.  Energy and physical disability program compliance and creation of implementation plans can be provided.  More clients are interested in significant exterior appearance changes or interior space reconfiguration and we provide those services, too!  We provide expert testimony before committees, local planning and zoning boards and other agencies on your behalf.

The firm provides master planning, design, code compliance, and bidding and construction project management.  We have provided capital planning and facility evaluation and contractor negotiation for small and large dollar projects.

We manage and supervise facility documentation, program preparation, design and construction document preparation prepared by the firm.  Review zoning and codes for project compliance.  Review and approve architectural design and construction documents.   We have a professional and expert staff.

We have real estate experience in facility acquisition, site and building analysis, planning and property development and management for governmental, institutional, commercial and residential users.

Architectural Services

Lets work together.


You will meet with the Principal of the firm to discuss your project.  If you are interested in fixing up your existing home or business this meeting will be most productive at your location.  In the event we will be discussing a new building at an undeveloped site a visit at our office may make more sense.  We will arrange the location to be most suitable for both of us.  During the initial meeting we will obtain sufficient information to prepare a letter agreement proposal to be sent to you shortly after the meeting.


Our agreement outlines what we will be doing for you and what we need to learn to create the drawings outlining what needs to be built to suit your needs and wants!   We propose the services needed for your project and outline the costs associated with each.  Once you have read and approve the proposal and return a signed copy with retainer we will contact you to start our services.


We first verify we have the design program matching your interests and what can be doable with the existing conditions.  With that in mind we obtain the existing information with photos and infield dimensions.  Using the existing conditions and the design program we create a preliminary floor plan and elevation designs for your review and approval.  Once the design is agreed to we enter the next phase.


Based on the agreed design these drawings are intended to advise the contractors what is expected to be built.  These drawings include detailed floor plans, exterior wall elevations for all the walls affected, building and wall sections, details, notes, and specifications.  These are the documents contractors use to give you bids, or quotes, for the work they will do for you.  The architect signed and sealed documents are the ones you, or your contractor, will submit to your town building department for construction permits.  You will find our unique construction document specifications are also intended to protect you throughout the construction process.